Working at Deloitte Digital I had the oppurtunity to be one of the lead designers on the refresh of the JCPenney iOS Application. This was an aggressive project, 12 weeks to get a full re-design and launch before the 2014 holiday season. 

It was an interesting challenge in all. Not only was the timeline something that added interest and challenge, but JCPenney was making a move to a full native mobile experience. This was only going to be done with the use of an API that they were developing for this very reason. As we pushed to the finish, the vision all came along and we launched a rather successfull product. The app was featured on the Apple App Store main page. It was featured within the Lifestyle section as the number one app for that time, and it was featured under "Best New iOS 8 Apps." Needless to say I'm rather proud of being a part of this project.