Here is a collection of various video projects I have worked on over the years. I've held various roles for each one from production, main camera, post production, animation, and creative direction. 

For the few with passwords on them - reach out to me and I may share that information with you. 

Our Studios - Deloitte Digital

This given project was an abosulute blast to shoot. We (Aaron Weinstien and I) were tasked to show off our studios. Flying around the U.S. gathering all the footage we could to give each of the unique locations their own flare and sense of individuality. We spent in all about 2 maybe 3 weeks on this project for both shooting and editing. To this day it's one of my favorite videos that we have produced. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Denver Studio - 2013

At the time, our team had never done any video work. We were tasked to create a presentation (initially a Keynote or Powerpoint) that would show off the studio. It wasn't just about showing off the physical space, it was more about the people and the passion around what we do everyday. 

We had no equipment or guidenance, it was a true bootstrap, scrapping approach. Each of us brought in whatever camera we owned, old lights, made backdrops, etc. Our Studio Director that requiested the presentation was blown away when we gave him this rather than the slide deck he first asked for. This project kicked off a whole new range of offerings from our studio, and the video requests started to role in. I hope you enjoy it.